Beauty is not recognisable as a fact to the most, but instead, a mere perception of something larger, viewed only when in presence of the relation of our own humanity, ignorance and filth. I have directed my life at detaining the constraints of those limits, always presented as dogmas, and as fruitful rejections of an arbitrary freedom. These strong statements are imposed by the kinds of so few, largely ignorants, not me, and read prosaically as rules to the common men. I have in this way, critically recognised ugliness in present beauty: it’s an imposing character of nothing, formed from no virtue and serving ego etno centric obsolescence. By self debate i was able to consider, therefore, myself as a brave, a man, recognisable and undissolved from the achievements of my humble arrogance and life, learning how to die without limits, cathartic and in the adhesion of beauty as an individual state of mind. (at Porto, Portugal)

— the monstruktor



May 27, 2018