Deference, a prerequisite of my current state. A polite consideration about my mental ecosystems, arrogant while humble, submitted to the quest to creatively construct content. Positive, forwarding intentions and levering everything around me, in my fixed status of dominance. All ways including others in the depths of my path, with no shame, no regret and without constraints. A pursue of context, in which I can only be measured by myself.

Reference, to the notable candidate for eternity. A singular point in the evolution of men. Women too, as a respectful part of my humanity, but I am an allusion mainly as a man. Tall while erect, vertically aligned with the horizontal world of inclusion and participation, an infinite axiom of possible directions. I am therefore unequally equal to all the others. Always trying to cope with the loneliness of being followed while denied the comprehension of my simplicity.

Power. Never less than intense and passionate, a reveal that overwhelms my ancestors till the end of mortality. Controlled by the quest to become more and everytime I breathe. Tyrannical, submitting my existence to the pursuit of the best in all of them, neglecting only that the connections I have to my singularity are not handled by their mundane connectors.

And yet I share.