Being and doing are almost identical classifications in the eschatological meaning they pronounce.

I am, therefore, I can be. I do, therefore, I am. This is a representation of context and a comprehensible conception on this commonly identified reality. This is also a gathering, a hoarded consolidation of the way I glaze at how others see what I am, and do. In my own way I have to accept this type of concepts as a part of the way people tend to welcome the need to compartmentalise (and rationalise) their doubt, in front of some inexplicable spectrums of wonder – they sometimes sense – as me.

Unclassified, by my proposition, and unclassifiable, by the broader definition people always impelled​ me to overcome I live in a constant denial of humanity. Deservedly and preferable to the presumptive​ extinction of my self meaning: this distinction is considered either by competence or by habit, and exists as if I need to behold a comparable life to them. No, I don’t, and yet I’m the only one to be categorised… 

Instead of this ceremonial reduction I live by promoting even higher standards, mainly of an unknown quantifiable value, all residing in the same humanity I keep afar. Without regret, just a bit commiserative, by acting on them, that group of people, and insisting about becoming the silent beacon of the representation of a person to person phenomenon. Proudly, invisible.

I know I am anthropologically sane. Aware. Socially vertical. Horizontally distributed in the medium I choose alternately. A dimensional dissident, punished by punishing visions and beliefs. Sparsely focal on the mundane reflexions. Executioner of mediocrity as the cathartic ascension to my structural approaches, and indexed access, to knowledge. A concrete abysmal difference of gender, theologically democratic in the acceptance of the order of life and death, in time and space. And still I take care of them all.

Being a tyrant, is by definition the prosecution of an identity and thus an intent of becoming something real – visible in the way I am seen as the projection of yourself. Others tend to choose on how to follow or how to deny this image, but generally they are not absent of opinion. This is either a yes or a no. It is a fact. Some follow, some deny, but all of them have respect for the truth about the relevance the world have, in my choices. I respect it now as much as I needed to deny the harm it will always done by transforming my benevolence in a struggle of faith in myself. This is thoroughly brought upon me by the doubts of themselves onto themselves, and concentrated by the mechanism I have developed to cope with it.

Justifiably close to the misconception of not being strong enough (so they all say) by not imposing my organisation and will, I am now assuming my intrinsic tyrant state. By entering this standard I have realised that only humans cannot find the right state for themselves, and that the even weaker ones try to deny the existence of differences between us all – at this stage this is as important as an optical aberration, and completely despicable on achieving my goals.

I am in the final cycle of inversion. I have traded the world of being followed or denied my correct placement, by the egotistical sense of being just this atypical human form with a visual identity and intellectual space.

Doing as a tyrant, is the act of continuous improvement of an even further act, the one of living. A dynamic representation of an entity, entirely made of continuity and sequence. A loop of interactions and anthropological filters dissected from the core of the human experiences. This makes the understanding and acknowledgement of being, as a competitor of doing, a tad bit difficult.

The (supposedly) dedicated ones will keep themselves away from my path and the majority will repudiate​ my existence by the acknowledgement of the (until now) incomprehensible human being I am. Being and doing are here a numerical form of comparison, applying concepts of interest and deference onto the visions they provide. Mostly are based on envy, or something inexplicable like that, but denied the use, anyway. The ignorant ones will see me as being invisible while being manipulated themselves on doing what I want. Doing it, is simply the ultimate commiseration of the way I see the world absorbing all this organic waste of thought onto oblivion of time.

This is a final measure of power. The conscientious fact of life: being while doing.

This is a tyrant, imposing a synchronous win on all the defectors of my faith and vision, rather than defeating them in their own game, with my irrefutable arguments. This is also deflecting the pure reality of a core human as a matter of reproduction in the sentient state of imaterial humanity. Arrogant while humble. Giving even more just to take what is my need to conquer and dominate.

This is the evolved state of me. The next step in my echo of truth and self empowerment. A tyrant, imposing value and everything possible and understandably good in the renewal of my mental habilitation​ to make more from nothing.