Day 1. 2. 1.

No more “days” likes these. The branded 120.

I don’t need anymore remarks, and specifically about a prominently found normality made of my life of achievements. All those findings are made possible by determination and pure choice: my determination and my choices.

I don’t feel obliged by no one but me, to live my life to the full extent of it, therefore, I am obliged by design to become a remarkable man in the coherence of my own existence.

I am made of me and of my own ambitions.

I design my choices, my solutions and every new problem I find with and within myself. I have creative and operational control. I am the strategist and the enforcer. The supervisor of my beliefs, reliefs and of everything that lies in this calling of theological proportions for as long as I want, and to aid who I want.

Welcome, Sérgio and… swim, bike, run.