Day 38

New week. Bad start. Great finish.

New week, closing on the sedentary expectations of a different past. Unbalanced by being the enabler of the committed self and the assurance a better, new, me. New hopes on amplitude, strength, versatility, flexibility, focus, enhancement… This unforgiving scenario is nothing but the dwell of reality and fiction being sarcastically traverse.

The bad start was true the night before. A different type of insomnia, calm, resistive and unforgiving. A clear night of no sleep. A presage of exception in this new reality, filled with activity and bonheur, where this state is no longer welcomed. Yet, it was. A different night. A calm night. A tiring night.

Morning came and the hangover, the tiredness, the lack of enthusiasm was overwhelmed by the commitment of a better life. Enough said.

Gym it was. Rough start gave way to a crescendo of will, power, discovery, limits. The end was not the expected beginning.

I have overcome defeat and contradiction with pure will power and commitment with truth. After all, everything I live by.

— the monstruktor