Once again in the wild, with the strength of failure behind me I put myself in the stray. This is only an endless cycle of balanced questions answered in the growth of the shadowed Titan.
The way the path resolutes life in a drawn scar of stone, makes the righteous afraid of the wrong ones. This unbalanced is weighted only by me in a place forbidden to common knowledge and sensorial deprivation.
What is life telling me? Telling others? Are we together in a dimensional embrace of time with the context of mankind? Or am I alone?
The rain washes all my doubts and this year I am completely without them. But the consequences are devastating. The self starvation of souls began and the hunt for more became unclear and unpredictably random. This brought the one that saw the fire within, the ability to conquer the new charts of discovered land and like a storm said the words that became heavier than the sun. “You have to settle with life (family) and stop believing in comfort. GO. I can see in your eyes the fire of talent and conquest!”

the MONSTRUKTOR thanks AMS for bringing J. & M. to me