It’s difficult to have the notion of others present and correct in my mind.
The way they are seen by themselves is dimensionally unique to the way I seem them in an exterior context and different also from the way I apprehend that same image/event inside me.
These levels have the correction of education and society and are deeply dependent of common acceptance. This social consensus can eradicate free thinking and develop abnormal levels of zombie attacks among general population.
The inmates of this facility are the ones who can see through the eyes of envy the ambitions of the commoners and become pleased with just that global inceptuous achievement.
When Looney Tunes Tweetie thinks he “taw a pussy tat” ( he is trying to tell us that he can perhaps see the premonition of a presence. Sorry about the example, but since Lewis Carroll Cheshire Cat there are many more about the way I think about the images I really see, opposed to the images that are really emitted from the source.
I take my time to really see that projection and analyze that content to the infinite detail of data and persistently interpret it in a framed word of taught description in a given moment of life context. Some get surprised by the result, others don’t understand until they find themselves thinking about that “suggestion” of profiled character I am capable of assemble. Usually I do it better than the true owner of it.
Nothing to do with magic or cosmic alignment. Only true, critic, intelligent deduction of small blocks of data i am capable of jungle inside me like a giant LHC ( spreadsheet. Easy for some, impossible for the majority, I can assume my Tera Peta Zeta flop computational ability without problem.
I do it daily in life and work.
Creational thinking is a mind juggle of infinite possibilities (ideas) selected by a process of deduction (inspiration), involving the contextualizer (references), in a finite number of decisions (concept) towards the end result (project).

Try it if you can or give up and become a competence detained inmate.


— the monstruktor


February 13, 2014