In several ways, the choice that precedes a decision is the climax of a selected memoir.
Understanding that moment in others makes me a voyer of talent. Understanding that moment in me, makes want to go back even further and that’s why I need to judge relativity.

If an event takes place in my life I should relate to it not only in space and time but also in context. Being context the result of a person as a built reality and consequently also relative to other people’s context in the same event, all is interconnected and all is singular at the same tame. This abstraction of society as a flock of events and not as a singularity, makes me relative to others as others are relative to me and therefore makes us all relative to the constants of space in time inherited in the self built context. Complicated?… then try this out.

If an event creates a memoir in me and I don’t absorb it properly, and further in time it is reminded to me by someone to whom the same event was special, how do you deal with that if i neglected it in the first time? Do you start to record everything in your own OCDesque kind of try to keep up and remember all? Do you find a way to categorize and create hierarchies in events? Indexation? Or do you do something else? Do nothing?

Hmm… I guess that’s is all relatively speaking because if you live life normally there are already within you chemical and electric ways to store information in a categorized and hierarchical kind of natural and biological indexation. That’s normal and implies only the relative contextualisation given to us all humans as a conscience.

What about the ones who can build themselves based in carefully selected experiences. Not only inside their minds but also in an anthropological kind of social experiences. Those are the ones who add things, scenes, actions and movements to a perspective vision and prospect the new reality that later becomes the history of a given and relativity based event context.

They are the ones who flourish in the wings of the psychiatric wards and are burned in fires of eclectic purge.

I am one with fire and cannot be kept outside of time for relativity to conquer. I am an event waiting to happen.