Mind cuffs

  • I am a former architect but I still do architecture.
  • I quitted simply because I need freedom from the restrained stereotypes imposed by academic and cultural standards.
  • Architects are squared and often blinded by other architects. The ones who make them slaves, servants, who make them pursuit their unwanted dreams in the name of art! (and I don’t know architects as artists but this is changing the subject) while the poor avid minds follow them in the persistent self resolute thought of becoming themselves the master and commander of the next masterpiece. This frantic state applies to all sort of projects, even a simple barn.
  • The world is so diverse that this bounded autistic yet completely abnormal view of reality makes me think how limited this can be to me somehow. The way they talk, interact with work and people inherent to the profession, may they be the clients, contractors or whatever kind of people in question is just rude. And i’m rude enough as I am to carry another label that only enhances it further.
  • I see a fundamental miss in architects academic structure in the way they ONLY learn to talk with each other. If architects were muted they would communicate much better and this, is the first problem. There are more reasons why, like their arrogant manner, that comes from the emulation of their ego in the piece of earth they are building their next special and utterly brilliant landmark, that explains this behaviour. This lack of simple social communication is egomaniac and wrong. They need to be understood by all, and not a self centred human with artist like aspirations of despicable, unreasonable and again autistic caracter, because their not even authors in their lifetime. I can afirme this since 99% of them will never be an author! except for their aunt! sister or grandma that pays the poor relative a piece of his childhood dream! become a respected, built! author.
  • I am an author for quite a long time now, since I made my first “project” at the young age of nineteen, and believe me, I know the difference between saying this with all the arrogance I’m known for, and the commiseration needed to explain a young, junior or even some experienced architects they know NOTHING, about their profession in life, and that is just because they only think about their life in the profession.
  • If you’re an architect reading this just turn around you and think. Really. Try to leave your body and think abstractly about your last five years. Now you realize what I mean?
  • I guess this thoughts may apply to every profession but really, think about the specific case of architects and tell me what you remember. As specialist they have their own technicalities, but given the responsibility towards the well being and comfort of our lives and cities they fail completely to pass the message. Only a few can, and not always in the peaceful way of doing things. I can see, and have near me some that are struggling to escape this, but they lack the persistence needed to get outside the comfort of their peers acceptance. 
  • My natural predisposition is not to become a specialist (another reason for quitting). I am only a specialised viewer of persons and things that are in my mind horizon. I am a seeker. Of solutions, problems, in a specific (not specialised) part of my brain, life and quest to the world innovation and evolution. 
  • If I were a lawyer or a doctor or a policeman I would probably quitted by now. I guess I am a quitter. Goodbye dear architects, wake up and follow another path please. The path in which you should have been brought to life, the path of self discovery, perseverance and commitment with others rather then yourself and your monotonous group of pseudo intellectuals.


— the monstruktor


February 4, 2014