Constant regular breaks are the stamina needed to continue.
Even in a marathon you can control the effort you’re doing by meticulously judging the best pace for you, to the second, the heartbeat or the respiratory cycle per minute. This micro breaks are the needed refreshments in the pursuit of the end goal.
In other marathons, I need this breaks to purge myself clean. Alone or with company they DO NOT serve only to rest. They are not ONLY a moment of escape, they are what they are, a micro stop for catching the pace towards the end goal.
I believe in four breaks a year, not including, of course, vacations, since they have a different goal. In these breaks the work does not stop, it simply assumes a different composition in this momentarily reset.
A vacation should follow a group of moments designed to entertain you. They could be mainly cultural or relaxing, or even a mix of both, but they should always be a simple joy in the uncompromised and informal part of life.
The break is still a kind of work. The time to defragment your brain and reorganize it with the commitment of the best indexation for your intents.

If, like me, you depend on your occupation to live sanely, this is also a part of it.