The minute you’re born you’re expected to grow exponentially until the day you fit in everybody’s standards with the spark of normality.
Those who choose to let abnormality settle in, are doomed to a life where wisdom, vision and rare, unique, singular connection with reality is often disregarded. Just because abnormality is in itself such a strong statement, most of them stay on the edge of that huge mist, and call themselves different, in just another normal way of seeing a fitted objectified group of pseudo intellectuals with a bought cultural status.
Real, crude, unsettled and steep abnormals are hardly understood in life. They are too much for that specific time and society to handle and often need the filter of a new generation to become new standards. Most normals say that we are here only to breed but I beg to differ. We are here to evolve and this is real evolution.
When a new standard emerges from normality it’s innovation but when it comes from abnormality it’s evolution baby!