Listening to so much music made me excited about this year results. I have my own choices and preferences but it’s always fun to put your intuitive(?) play and repeat against a board of experts(?).
That’s just an exercise I’m doing on a daily bases now since I test myself and the “things” I do all the time.
Ranging from the personal view about mankind, the best color for a background logo or site to the best strategic plan to a new part of a city, a new enterprise or company, a new idea for cardboard furniture… You know me, I’m endless!
Recently I made also decisions about other peoples life, achievements and careers and that is making me feel a little awkward. The power detained is of such addition that I consider it the biggest anthropological goal a human can have in life and after.

The power to plant in others the choices they’ll make according to your legacy.

I guess by the “board” standards I deserve a Grammy by now since writing a book (somebody did it for me) planting a tree (done that, about thirty) and having a child (I’m starting with almost ten at a time) it’s already done.
What’s next?