Since the early start you know how to act to an aggression, react to a specific danger and, above all, protect your life. Now, how do you do that with relations? How do you act, react or protect the several inputs that overcome the natural way of being yourself?
Attack, defend, pretend what is the wright one? All? Depends? Yeah, ok maybe it’s a matter or moment and choice.
But what about the big picture? Long term prospective vision about you and the person next to you (and I am not only talking about sexual relations) should concern the identity of each of the individual and gain a common consciousness?
I guess I know the answer to that and immediately I say that a wise person adapts to the other and together follow a relatively simple path. But I’m not simple, or plain or even passionate about relations. I am a rational human being with an uncommon will power and a sense of self preservation that is only surpassed by amniotic ambition.
For this I am alone and strangely not easily understood by commoners.

And I intent in this way. No compromise and the world will win a new token.