Evoking ontological habitats

Crossing places, spaces and time, a curious woman reflects on her own habitat. Is she alone?

Tentatively replacing the definition of habitare in an hysterical journey, a character experiences one timeline within a specific narratorial critic aimed at inverting the process of curation; another “character” enacts a contagion with propositions for a subliminar occasion on constructing new strategies deriving the projects into divergent naive tactics. Physically experiencing timelines, they are able to consolidate a cumulative result gathered from crossings and habitats. By visiting key contexts as pivoting moments on the story, a character is tangential to her reflection on habitats and infers organic connections between concurrent timelines (story, characters, projects). The result is a pedagogical insight about the manipulation of the methodological approach, where 6 chapters are subverting ontologically the unpredictable outcome from the contagion and a 7th chapter is the epistemological moment of contribution to any impact in such a queer future.

An ontological insight in to spatial existence from the internal dialogue of a curious woman leaving her own theological habitat + explosion: the death of mystery and engulfing other primitive shadows + stranded in time: this present loop as a conjecture of past epistemologies, discussing brutalism and postmodernism.

A detour nonetheless + subverting the known provenance of the inputs – in a six part symbiotic dialogue between the chapters of the book and the selected projects – the author navigates visibility ( taking part of the narrative, being the narrative and proposing a subliminar narrative ) inconspicuous even to the known characters of this story.

The house that feminism built: a classical habitat, manifestation of privileged modernism and the current inducing state of absent democracy + decolonization and the politics of creation within the ethics of being human and conditional relations.

Connecting time will not change the outcome of the future : her letter to Vitruvius + she’s not alone. She’s a physical result of the intersecting timelines, characters, habitats, works and uses her journey to engage a broader audience. She’s also the catalyst ( through her restless inconsequence ) that allows a definitive seventh chapter, presenting the bases for a future new liber to follow up on this story, provided from her letter to “ancient times”.

The constraints of dimensional thinking: libre in a time after the experiment, Earth + 10. Ego and me 09. Privately public and politics 08. On commissions and other ethical things 07. The ecology of briefing humans 06. Inherit heritage and techniques on knowledge 05. The process as an evolutionary system and methodology of indexation 04. On materials and sites, territories and one landscape 03. The ontology of spaces and dimensional things 02. On emotional Synaesthesia 01. Glossary of practices

January 27, 2020

A definição de ciclo não se exige por um qualquer princípio de início e uma perfeita noção de fim, mas antes pela continuidade, intensidade e perseverança que somente poucos conseguem manter natural como respirar. Por isso, nem sucesso nem fracasso podem interferir com a missão individual de cada um, prosperar.

January 26, 2020

… sim, pelas coisas mais simples, como achar que há falta de humanidade em mim; que devo de mim a pessoas que me fazem bem e me rodeiam com todo o carinho que nem elas próprias sabem bem explicar; que sou normal como tu e que nada disto me afeta; pela vontade de fazer tudo e ficar preso no primeiro passo e sobretudo por não me deter nunca, quando esse passo é mais claro em mim, cada vez mais.

January 25, 2020

” – O que é que fazes aqui?… Ao menos eu pergunto… Ficar por aí a pensar pelos outros não faz o meu estilo, não tenho paciência para julgar ninguém e ainda por cima aborreço-me de tantas vezes que tenho que voltar atrás e perceber como raio é que esses mesmos chegaram aqui! Nem sei o que dizer…

És estranho, dizes sempre coisas que ninguém percebe, nunca sei o que vais dizer a seguir e nunca estou a espera de nada em concreto, mas é assim que te vejo. Acho que a tua surpresa constante já não me surpreende e assim vais ficar monótono.”

January 21, 2020

A lealdade na demonstração de tudo enquanto consequência da liderança perfaz da liderança a mais alta distinção de competência. Só um humano o pode reconhecer num outro que o pratica, todos os outros não se permitem perder a razão para que o ganho seja imparcial.

January 16, 2020

Each project a solution, each solution a system.

January 13, 2020

Se fosse eu a mandar no mundo, por esta altura dizia : tudo para o recreio.

January 9, 2020

A few, not many, but still a measurable account of things in me, have changed. Nothing new, nothing of any sort unique and specially nothing irregular. Some may even sound familiar, others may not but, this is something to declare, identify publicly and share.

The biggest one I can speak of right now is the evident and clear moment in which I have myself in a given context and realize my approach ( all actions and reactions, even the expected outcome of previous interactions and experiences ) have definitely changed, others. The inputs, the players, the value, the argument, every single factor is the same but, I, have changed them. I’m the same, they have changed. I’m doing things exactly in the same way, be it by routine or practice – even by acknowledgement of the fact I’m unable to deal with things I do not know anything about until the moment I have experience them in some sort – and then, if not me, they share and act as if they have purely changed.

Taking the appropriate place in the alignment they always had, keeping shape and conformity within my beliefs, being an indisputable characteristic of my character, defining a human as they always have, those things, didn’t changed, categorically.

I’m exactly where I standed before, only older and in control of a slightly adjusted self awareness. Of course, somethings in me progressed accordingly, therefore, I have changed, but the biggest change was the time and the experience I provided to others, thus changing them through my proximity and influence.

I, but irrefutably them, changed.

January 8, 2020

A paradigm shift, removing the focus from enforcement, supervision and punishment.

More than a change of status quo, a pivoting moment in which culture takes place as a core and not as a derivative, valuated by privilege and disturbed ethics. Based on universal education before ethnographic recognition and individual craft training.

Which culture? All? Global? Regional? Ancient? Religious? Atheist?… No cults…

The culture of being one with oneself in order to be one with everything else.

January 7, 2020

Everybody consciously make efforts not to be alone – as this would mean a failure and the lack of a recognisable group theory.

Comparisons and rapport, engagement and identifiable behaviours, routines on life as a metaphor.

January 5, 2020

Is it preferable to get paid for something or to get something free of charge? How to finance research and keep your integrity intact – regarding privilege or precarity? How to build a notable mass of research/publication without institutional sin and influence? Which should be the correct approach to academic production and participation in paper development? Do Western society and academia accept this naive bohemian tactics?

I can argue that: if money is involved, either 1. the paper isn’t good/cientific/dogmatic enough or 2. the global capitalist ecossystem took the place of morally safe cientific and altruist act of share among peers…

Being sarcastic doesn’t solve a problem but if this is your problem you should, and according to preposition: 1. chill, change life and work somewhere else doing something different, maybe pursue a career in arts or even music (tcharammm) 2. strategically impose a set of unquestionable ecology standards in your own ecossystem of production and dictate unquestionable tactics of research from a self sustainable commercial practice.

Add institutional freedom to the equation and 99% of you will choose the 3rd way …

January 4, 2020

Suffering is not a necessary condition for any type of living, instead a temporary experience, dealing uniquely with injustice and the access to universal means of survival. Numbness is not the answer.

January 4, 2020

Plain, ignorant, intelectual, absent, religious, vain, followers, destructive, … All of them need to be judged, not morally as would be expected, but rationally : given an insight on themselves. Self centered, ego centric and dedicated to awareness as their own insight on how disturbing this words can be when we invert their applicability.

We are used to the words “think of/for the next…” but these are not fair words anymore as they keep denying the current evolutionary status of human kind : a new collective made of individuals.

We are no more a mob of mobs, identifiable either by race, color or creed. We are present as is the time we can identify as living in, unrepeatable, peculiar, singular – one of a kind. Why do we keep trying to compare ourselves to others and become an identifiable mass again and again? Even forcing others to become a part of our mass?!

I’m not proposing eremitage, absence or even reclusion, I’m just stating the obvious and condoning all those acts of togetherness, without a specific and clear egotistic goal as the motivation to those same actions. We simply cannot deal with ourselves in the first place and try to influence others in our insecure way of being.

People are not able to be alone anymore because that means being alone with themselves and this is the only theological conundrum to discuss, not the prevailing groups.

People lie. First to themselves, then to all who choose to hear them, therefore the problem isn’t the result of the lie but the behaviour prior to the event. I don’t believe in prevention, I believe in culture and education, social training ( if you can cope with the definition ) then if one can be truthful to himself he will not promote any type of lie to others.

In a perfect world I would be just another human, a egossencial and simple one.

January 3, 2020

Os sacrifícios são as pequenas vitórias do silêncio e da disposição em querer avançar, de saber escolher e de agir com a perspetiva do percurso em tandem com o resultado.

January 1, 2020

Hoje pediram-me para escrever.

Nunca mo tinham feito, achei estranho, quase premeditado, mas porque sei quem o fez, não posso negar o pedido. Nem tema, nem nada, só me foi pedido escrever : ” – Escreve! ” E assim fiz, faço, aliás, que este pedido é presente, não é passado e como bem me conheço, dou sempre aos outros o tempo que me mereço, antes mesmo de o ter para mim. Por isso …

Sem saber bem o que escrever, escrevo sobre esse pedido, sem grandes descrições, pois foi assim que foi feito. Pragmatismo é coisa que não falta e cada vez mais há mais objetividade, por isso não vale a pena pensar, vindo de quem vem o pedido, nem vou questionar, simplesmente acedi. Sem resignação, pelo contrário, com a convicção de que esse pedido me era dirigido a mim por consideração ao que sou e ao que querem de mim.

Sem mais sentido do que este que tenho, escrevo as mais simples palavras de apreço, e sou grato, claro no que digo, sem bajular ninguém, tenho que dizer meu amigo, que quem me pede sabe bem, eu conheço.

Faço assim questão de dizer que aqui está o meu acordo, remetido bem sabes a quem e porque mo pediste fazer, sem voluptas de estilo e sem grandes meios, simples como o homem que sou, a falar de coisa nenhuma, e sem medos ou outros receios.

December 31, 2019

This is the time of the year people usually use to declare on social media how they continuously depend on others to confirm their own existence. This inability to deal (heal) (with) one self is also when a yearly balance is nothing more than a mere comparison of pseudo achievements and a misleading action of purge and grime facts. Gratefulness comes in silence, delicately declared in the sincere and altruistic arrogance of retribution.

December 26, 2019

December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019