It never was anxiety, it was, unquestionably, restlessness.

I have faced death, loss, violence, sadness, despair, drama and obsoletion.

Looking back, I can identify a common definition of anxiety but, giving it a second look, I can now see and translate those events in a deeper view of the moment: I never stopped.

Never got stranded, ever got immobilised in more than a fraction, a protective synapse, and this changes everything! It’s not anxiety. Anxiety incapacitates, and I never felt stronger than during the event (obviously sensing the adrenal/hormonal decay immediately after) but I always fell into a mature acknowledgement of my own personal strengths and weaknesses.

I’m not an alien, I just have built the tools to look at things in spacetime differently.

March 2, 2021

A written description of the fundamental necessity to acknowledge the existence of a manifesto, without manifesting any conflicting intention, classification, while denoting partiality as an obvious human condition.

Being a clear and conspicuous stand on a given subject, visible and evident to the broadest range of every body of knowledge and cultural participation, this observation is clearly undeclaring a new set of motivational values and perspectives beyond the implicit principles of a positioned view on individual ethic, moral and value of political importance.

Through design education, design practice and the ecology of the field itself, one can interpolate anthropology within the social tools of engagement in a political position of relevance, not only in each individual absent position but also within the dynamics of the collective settlement.

This is an incitation to become and not a conditional text of what you should be by now.

March 1, 2021

Polinary state, June 8, 2020

” We are either for or against, pro or contra, agree or disagree…!
Consider this : you are 50% predictable and so is the other part.
Consider this : do something innovative, unexpected, arrogantly humble and simple.
Consider this instead of numerous predictable actions, mostly historically based point of views immediately obsolete from the start, in which you can only state the obvious. Everybody knows the outcome of our actions by now. We have sufficient data to know the result of most of our behaviours and yet we keep expecting a different result repeating over and over the same procedure…
For a moment, think on how you can stop racesexgender discrimination, inequality, privilege, patriarchy, etc… with something as simple as a whisper, inaction, color, overall kindness, rest, ecology, pedagogy and most of all with proper training!!! … An infinite number of advanced techniques of human and social engagement with one another instead of the usual escalation of despair and aggressiveness.
Take a step back, or even better, take a steep without any known direction and stop. Think ominously and reflect on that sensation of engulfing the energy from life itself just to give it all away! Once, to the ones who are not yet prepared to know how to receive it ( or achieve it ) and repeat till the day you become dust.
Rest, and become an agent of the unknown, of the absence of classification.
Binary is not enough to make it worth.
Evolve into the polinary state of your self.


In this recent critical analysis about the states of the emitter/receptor/emotional message, one can >position< itself individually in a collective sphere of influence but also of absent creative participation. I propose through >recognition< that we find what we are searching for, interpolating individual and collective >expansions< embedded in the biological connection our ethics have with the Anthropocene. We have to achieve an amateur >pedagogical< context, by introducing core technical arguments such as heritage/ethnography/anthropology in our politics of commission and creation. Curation has fallen into the art of deception, hoarding states of perception and intellectual manipulation in a patriarchal state of ironic sympathy. Only by proposing new states, favourable unequivocally to integration-participation, can we refurbish our dissociation with the intrinsic value of art and culture, change. A solution can present itself in many different frameworks, but solving problems universally with new rules is not my preferred choice, but rather a universal toolkit for solving individual problems, unclassified and omnidirectional, without any given origin except the relation each individual has with himself, the problem and the collective.

This inherently translates my vision for the evolution of the politics of production, for not only the design community, but also to definitely propose the decision process as a >methodological system< of creation through decision, for all. I am asking for your knowledge in order to align these strategies of awareness into political tactics of activation.

An opportunity of re significance through this context of pandemics and global questioning is visible in the realms of art and culture that must be potentiated through the most important instrument of communication and design, our intellectual habitat.

February 28, 2021

Também eu, me entrego, a ser lembrado pela ternura, pela dedicação e na elegante forma de me inquietar.

February 17, 2021

We are on the verge of an enormous leap forward.

1. green power is turning into a reality, with global commitments around hydrogen, wind/solar farms dissemination and the continuous propaganda over building the next gen public infrastructure, becoming increasingly audible. Key points are network hybridisation, flexibility and efficiency. Great for private companies patented technologies and fin market speculative politics.

2. travel is no more the feud of the airplane. Turning itself into a new and expensive alternative, day and night trains undeniable capillarity, and elegant implementation within the decarbonised power movement, are the political flag argument for the next version of the European federal country. The private car will never be obsolete, and ownership will never cease in a credit based capitalist economy. Public transport will become an expensive commodity, dependant of specific social inequality to become universally accessible, only made possible from the public tax funding favourite source formerly known as “middle class”.

3. quantum theory is rising, defining superposition, entanglement and interference as the pillars of our strengthened technocratic religion strategy. Supercomputing and superconductivity are the superheroes called to enforce this tactics of mass distribution to the meanders of our disparagement. Adding to hydrogen, the monopoly of graphene and lithium will be the bases of our own polytheist financial oblivion as a global culture dedicated to hoarding resources.

4. anthropology, ethnography and social theory (AESTH) as a whole is more and more disseminated outside the privileged circles of pseudo intellectuals and academic tycoons. Large bodies of knowledge are increasingly available through social media and public infrastructure, thus giving all the possibility of information, interpretation and training. ETHICS play a fundamental role explaining why no one cares, or participate and is not at all a carrier of our spacetime as a global culture. This collective lack of individual positioning affects moral and will decay into the universal norm giving colonised thought enough context to bloom.

5. pandemic as an igniter makes nationalism a catalyst, and we found the epistemologies of conflict among the rise of nations, groups, classes, race, regions and countries. This religion of economic proportions disseminates the prejudice of divisions and individual collectives as if we are all born equals only to be limited to the space we are allowed to live in. This lack of relation with the anthropocene is beating our personal shores, eroding the process of self knowledge, removing therefor the most basic form of construction, free instinctive wandering.

I take this opportunity to invoke my inner oracle, ontologically connected to the poli dimensional movement I am able to represent in your immediate reflexion. This/my way of looking into the how to be, condensed in a manner of what to be, stepping back within the conundrum of who to be, when we are preferably related to what we do, justifies the vision of decline, of meta erosion, of methodological decay and proclaims the virtuous claim of a revolution. The exchange for another new, a status, is now still a prevolution, capable and ready to be made real, inside the theory of position and omnidiretional thought.

February 15, 2021

O tempo perdeu o tempo de estar e assim me segue, sem tempo, sequer, para eu ver esse tempo a passar.

February 15, 2021

Love is blind, and sometimes it should be a little bit deaf.

February 14, 2021

Quando me recordo de alguém que não me é próximo, pela notícia da sua morte, sou invadido pela certeza da distância ser, em suma, o catalisador da falta de urbanidade e relação social entre humanos. Estar por estar não é critério, mas antes a leviandade de uma vida ausente e demente na sua forma insana de criar uma parte do nosso mundo.

Ligar mentes, com pontes de querer, bem e simples, não tem comparação com o muito, esse vazio que contrai. A falsidade, um defeitio comum aos tempos crus do agora, é um valor subliminar e presente, neste presente que nos desliga por muito mais que nos chamemos de amigos.

Por vezes, sinto-me próximo de quem não conheço em pessoa, e na música tenho muitos amigos.

February 12, 2021

Stop talking about sex and gender, male and female and start seeing humans, that have to be respected (and respect back), even if you don’t accept their choices. It’s not your business to decide other people’s life, that should be intimate and private, tho…

Refrain yourselves.

February 12, 2021

“Liberdade para todos.
Liberdade de escolha e decisão!!!

… pandemia.

“Estão doidos???!
Liberdade para as pessoas?!?!?
Elas não sabem, nem querem tomar decisões!


“Digam lá o que é para fazer, para as pessoas decidirem se vão cumprir o que é melhor para elas…

February 2, 2021

Porque decidimos mentir?

Talvez seja porque queremos enganar, talvez seja por insegurança.
Ignorância ou desconhecimento também podem ser identificados nos termos da mentira, mas mais raramente.

O que mais identifico é sem dúvida o logro, o embuste, o desvio, a devassa da verdade, deliberada e consciente.

É uma clara falta de correspondência com a realidade, e aqui divide-se, nos que veem o que querem ver, sem contexto do ambiente, e nos que recusam ver e concordar com a óbvia falta de visão.

February 1, 2021

Quando tudo está mal, tudo é mau e só depende de nós.

Quando isto que nos rodeia é causado pelo mais simples descuidado, negado pela desatenção em quem o provocou sermos nós.

Quando o privilégio (?) do conforto em sequer viver, não é reconhecido à mesa farta, dessa falta de reconhecer que a liberdade é total.

Quando se grita por mais… quando se desperdiça o que já se tem.

Quando tudo é garantido, nada se considera, nada se conquista, tudo perde sabor.

Quando o argumento bacoco, ignorante, violento e criminal é o discurso fluído dos maiores e da sua maioria.

Quando achamos que estamos fora e afinal somos iguais. Diferentes mas iguais. Todos iguais não somos. Somos diferentes. Todos.

Quando nos focamos na critério de base e nem percebemos que isso é dado adquirido, universal e não pode ser comparado, é a base.

Quando paramos para pensar e não pensamos.

Quando tudo é exterior a nós e deixamos de nos posicionar a partir de dentro.

January 21, 2021

This year is the 42nd year since my birth, and I am, as we all are, having less than few reasons to acknowledge any type of celebration.

Recently ( as of the last half a dozen years) I have stopped looking at the day of my birth as a reason to commemorate, at least in a specific date, and together with the ones that are closer to me. It doesn’t mean I’m not close to them, or that I’m not having a sense of age, of maturity or all of the perks of a healthy prolonged existence but rather, that I have stopped looking at a Gregorian measure as a way to define age.

Celebrations became instead an open experience on perfectly random occasions that happen without any predicted chronological stamp and instead from the simple fortuitous way of the happenings happening as they happen. In this way, I can say I had more special occasions in my recent period as a celibate with those who are the ones really close to me, that in the years I’ve been celebrating my birth repeatedly within the yearly cycle – I can surely find one or two exceptions but that is not the point.

This approach, and I can share this uncompromisingly with you, is giving me an extra charge about the way I can summon my strength and resilience, facing these strange times of pandemic proportions. Expectations are dealt within a daily/possibility base, therefore removing the date as a compromise in the social equation. Only if possible, today or tomorrow, sometimes on weekends, but never in a medium/long term assumption of a reunion. Simple organic behaviours, steadily becoming procedural structures of new interactions, expectations and ambitions. On the plus side, these natural quarantine periods became a strong advocate for health & safety and even relational protection. It was my decision, initially taken as a disappointment to all who are part of my private and personal life – familiar or not – but this is just the way they know I’m living my life : according to my own free will and time.

They accept it ( choices and ways of living ) because they have reciprocity, random organic and always when ( safely ) possible. There’s still a strange balance in this that I’m trying to describe to myself, but it is as if I’m always available to be what others expect of me, without being always predictable and nonetheless, being cared and accepted as having this intermittent way of requesting organic engagements rather than periodic social commitment. Being single and having no children, gives me the opportunity to have this type of “life choice” and “social engagement” but also gives me the responsibility to cope with my own predicaments, alone. Living the pandemics alone is no easy task and I can assure you that I take the alone definition pretty seriously. My parents need me to and my view of being part of the solution strengthens my resolve.

I considered myself as being trained on how to be alone and therefore, able to face problems as the need to have simple and practical solutions, without disregarding complexity and awareness of topic and intelectual growth. I can face a crisis with my own personal tools and when I find myself in need I can find support in the realms of the social circle I described above. This call is rare, and mostly due to the need to share a broader spectrum of emotions than rather sharing any type of social weight in the form of a problem.

This system has a direct side effect on them by transforming my presence as if I am an unshakable pilar of strength when I’m not. At least that is how they act upon me when we keep celebrating life regularly with the openness, and kindness of acceptance, even when I ( rarely ) share my insecurities and existencial doubts.

Alone, but together, from afar and yet close enough to keep a private life socially healthy and available to prosper and evolve. This is been the key to consider this a bearable period in this unbearable pandemic times. It’s like as if we have been training to tackle individual needs as a strong social ensemble, embed in a time which blurs everything that each one of us needs as the motivation to continue life.

Analogically there is where fortytwode comes in and strengthens the word fortitude with my age : forty two.

Fortitude is there all along, deep in the relation I have with seclusion, distance, sacrifice and still being able to be a social and healthy human being, specially in face of pain and adversity. This courageous choice of mine has so many good consequences on me and on the ones around me ( proving how strong one can be when facing a challenge ) that by simply acknowledging and sharing it publicly is the best way to celebrate my life.
Strangely, around my 42nd birth day.

January 20, 2021

January 8, 2021

January 8, 2021

January 7, 2021

January 6, 2021

People are dying. People are buying bitcoin. People are planning the next trip. People are spending online. People are divorcing. People are bending the system. People are lazy. People…

January 5, 2021

January 5, 2021

January 4, 2021